does anyone else have the problem with revising (like short stories and like creative writing stuff) where it’s like, soul-crushingly hard to do, even if you know exactly how you need to fix it and what you want to do, but then you go to do it and it’s like the worst thing and you have to stop after like a page because it’s just so so hard

I’ve heard most of the new record which is pretty, pretty good. Very, very good. The standard just keeps getting raised. When you hear how good the songs are on the last record and then you hear these ones… It’s weird, she’s just growing as a songwriter, I guess.


New Trailer: ‘Orange Is the New Black' Season 2 - June 6


i wonder why when women write teen novels they’re categorized as chicklit yet when jgreen writes teen novels hes a nyt best selling author and praised as understanding the tru nature of teens nvm i know why


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april 16th: out & about in New York

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Biddy is a 2-year old male African Pygmy hedgehog who goes on amazing adventures with the help of his people parents Thomas and Toni. He goes all over the place and if you want to see more of him and his travels check out his Instagram!

you had me at “hedgehog who goes on amazing adventures”

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It’s a day for self-promotion I guess.  Here’s a quick reading of my poem War Paint, thought I might as well share it here.  Feel free to like/comment/share/whatever if you want to or like it or what have you.  



"there’s nothing wrong with you"

God’s filter #themindyproject

God’s filter #themindyproject

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